Pocket diary F

Product code: L012476/G
Guarantee: 24 months

Price incl. VAT: 1830 Kč
Price Without VAT: 1512 Kč

CODE: 2476/G

Luxury pocket diary, format: 72 x 104 mm. Number of Pages: 216 pages (incl. 4-colour maps). Calendar: 1 Week to view, bilingual D-GB. Printing: 2-colour grey/red, fine calendered paper . Design: Thread-bound, A-Z-Register, corner perforation, gold or silver edging.
Coloures: 03 - chestnut/brown with gold edging, 04 - cognac/brown with gold edging, 05 – black with gold or silver edging.
Please indicate colour in order.

Gilt edges for luxury products of Treuleben & Bischof are being produced from gold foil of the very highest quality on semi - automatic gilt edging machines. Please allow me to point out that gilt edging is one of the oldest arts in the binding craftsmanship. Gold foil and silver foil embossing is being utilized for the embossing of titles and year numbers. We use exclusively special nonoxidizing gold and silver foil for our gilt / silver edges and for our embossing.

Luxury diaries and leathergoods from Treuleben & Bischof are being packaged and confectioned in exclusive cases or hand-made luxury gift boxes which have been manufactured from precious materials and precious cover materials.