Leather notepad holder - WALNUT

Product code: L022204N
Guarantee: 24 months

Price incl. VAT: 999 Kč
Price Without VAT: 826 Kč

CODE: 2204N

The four leather petals holds standard 4"x4" notepads perfectly in place. Its design makes it easy to fetch a notepad while presenting it artistically on your desktop.

Woodessen, Inc is proud to be a supporter for a cleaner, healtier environment. Our company specializes in the use of wood, a reusable and renewable resource, turning it into a useful product you can use time and again. Studies show that wood outperforms other products when considered over its complete life cycle. Unlike plastic, or metal which require excessive energy to produce, wood is reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable, meaning it can be disposed of without adding more harm and damage to the environment. We believe that products of the finest quality and value start with careful selection of raw materials. We only use solid hardwood from reliable and envrironmentally responsible suppliers in Europe and North America. We obtain solid walnut from the United States, which has some of the best tree growing land in the world, and billions of trees are planted each year to sustain the forest. We also use leadfree paint finish to ensure a natural feeling of the wood, and to provide a safe product to our customers.