Desk pencil sharpener

Product code: L01M-475 LN
Producer: EL CASCO
Guarantee: 24 months

Price incl. VAT: 12925 Kč
Price Without VAT: 10682 Kč

CODE: M-475 LN

El Casco Pencil Sharpener

The sharpening mechanism, featuring six revolving blades, is designed to put a slightly different point on the pencil than you are used to seeing. The tip of the point is slightly flat, which avoids the problem of the point breaking when you first touch the paper.

If you wish to have a slightly sharper tip, then just lightly rub the tip of the pencil on the grated edge of the filings drawer.

Additionally, please note that you have the choice of three points in length, by moving a selection screw on the side of the sharpener.

Each piece, beautifully made, is polished by hand a minimum of six times, and then plated with three different metals. In addition to which, these articles can be completely disassembled since not a single rivet is used in the making.

In fact EL CASCO products, made for a lifetime of constant use, are guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for one year from date of purchase. Add to all of this the great classic designs, some of which date to the 1930's, and the end result is an exquisite collection fit for the most discriminating of individuals!