Desk stapler

Product code: L01M-85 CT
Producer: EL CASCO
Guarantee: 24 months

Price incl. VAT: 5999 Kč
Price Without VAT: 4958 Kč

Plier stapler in shiny chrome plated finish.

The Deluxe Plier Stapler is one of the few El Casco pieces that hints at the company's gun-making past. With a two-step stapling action, these El Casco Staplers are the real deal. In fact, El Casco is the only manufacturer that grinds every surface that will come into contact with the staple, creating an almost perfectly flat surface for smooth stapling action. This beautiful (not to mention highly functional) stapler is made by hand and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Hand polished.
Manufactured in steel.
Copper, nickel and chrome plated.
Up to 25 sheet capacity.
Paper insertion depth: 35 mm.
Load capacity: 100 staples.
Uses n.23 staples (1 box included)
Dimensions: 185 x 83 x 32 mm.
Presented in a gift box.
Each piece, beautifully made, is polished by hand a minimum of six times, and then plated with three different metals. In addition to which, these articles can be completely disassembled since not a single rivet is used in the making.

These magnificent products from the renowned brand El Casco were first designed in the mid twentieth century yet they still reflect the same values of exceptional performance and exquisite luxury. Handcrafted in Spain.