USB digital microscope

Product code: L01313154
Guarantee: 24 months

Price incl. VAT: 2249 Kč
Price Without VAT: 1859 Kč

CODE: 313154

The USB digital microscope provides a 20 to 200X magnification with
a whole range of uses at home, at school or for studying. Discover
details that are invisible to the naked eye, such as deviations from the
original, finer points or damage. The software included allows you to
take photos or make videos, which you can then save. The digital microscope and software are suitable for all standard computer systems. So easy to use, even children, elderly people and those with little knowledge of computers can use it. Use the microscope as a handheld device or on a stable surface. We advise sturdy microscope stand for fine microscopy as well as better and sharper pictures when photographing or videoing. Manual setting of the distance between microscope and object. Clamp works with different microscopes.
Composition: metal/plastic. Total height: 265 mm (base: 110x120 mm).