Pardo is a spanish company specialized in manufacturing high quality stationery and office products We are one of the leading European manufacturers with a modern plant in the north of Spain where we produce every item of our catalogue We have a wide range of products in the stationery market including folders/files/boxes/classifiers/pockets with:

Global supplier, our products are used, due to its quality, by renowned companies such as Lyreco, Office Depot, Staples, Bruneau to mention a few of them.

Pardo - constant innovation, highest quality and strong competitiveness

COMPETITIVE : selling quality products to very demanding customers

KNOWHOW : Since 1957, tradition and innovation in high standard


CUSTOMIZED : For our customers demands

TECHNOLOGY : pp,pvc and cardboard latest machinery

QUALITY : Our most recognized attribute by our customers

ENVIRONMENT : ISO 14001 acredited industry

DIFFERENTIATION : You feel the difference when you touch it

DESIGN : With artists like world known Eduardo Chillida