Do not allow time to reduce the value of your property. Precious metals have been for centuries synonymous with luxury and rarity, a symbol of value, which does not lose its value. Investment in the articles of precious metals in the long run are the safest ways to preserve the real value of their money. The motto of B & J - T.I.P.V., Ltd. reads: "Tempus in vestra parte," or "Time is on your side." If you make this investment, the time will not diminish the value of your property. Purchasing coins made ​​of precious metals is a safe investment instrument, as, despite fluctuations, which may in some periods and dramatic in a long-scale gold or silver coins retained an undeniable intrinsic value in the price of precious metals used and the high degree of convertibility. The activities of B & J - T.I.P.V., Ltd. based on many years of extensive experience in financial markets, investing in precious metals and numismatics. At present, we first issue its own silver coins in proof quality of B & J - TIPV Ltd. Other issues are in preparation.